26 December 2010

autumn ended

It's winter.  

Did you know that?  I sure did.  It's even officially winter, according to the spot where Earth's hanging out in space, and not just in terms of weather.

My blog still looks like I was procrastinating homework back in November.  I'm hoping to completely change it.  Fix it.  Clean it.  

Then use it.

I think the major motivation to do something I'd been idly thinking of for MONTHS was a recent email. (Another story, for a post I hope will materialize soon...)
... I'm so bad at email.  It's something I should really work on, especially because sometimes a grade can depend on an email.  They can be important.  I really need to get better at that.

And I really want to get better at consistently blogging.  The only reason I've kept this blog going for so long is because I tend to write...

... I kind of want to prove that to my blog.

It sounds silly, at least to me, but... Oh well.  I'll deal with that.

Christmas Day is over.  (That's another hope-to-post...)

I hope everyone has been wonderful!  I really need to just go to sleep, and stop blogging.

So goodnight.

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