15 November 2009

Shakespeare used to tend to write...

I'm in it. Yay Shakespeare! Come if you can. Tickets are cheaper in advance. Lemme know if you want one. I'd apreciate it.
Be there!

10 November 2009

I Titled a Poem with a Picture

Why did I title a poem with a picture? Because it fit better than a word would. Sometimes pictures can just say it all. Very eloquently too.
Here is the poem (with the kind-of title):

I'm listening
And you know it's true,
But sleep sounds
So inviting.

_I'm wandering
I'm here with you.
Can you tell that
___I am trying?

______ _________I'm mumbling.
______ ______All my speech is slurring.
______ ___ Mumbling...
______ So inviting...

___Eyes closed
_Feels so much better.
Eyes closed,
I can see you better.
Eyes closed.
___ Eyes closed.

______ _I'm sleeping now.
No. I'm back with you.
Your shoulder looks
_So inviting

_I'm leaning now.
Were you saying something?
Was it really
So important?

Can't I SLEEP?
I CAN'T sleep.

___But eyes closed
_Feels so much better.
Eyes closed,
I can hear you better.
Eyes closed.
___ Ears down.

______ Sleep sounds

______ _________So inviting.

Yup. As I was writing it, I realized that there were plenty of potential titles that would work well. But I still think the picture works best.

02 November 2009


I redid colors plus I put a picture. I want to try to post more often. I think I can do it. It's still likely that next to no one will read this, but I'll feel like I'm at least sticking to something. :)
This is it for now