07 January 2011

today, some things happened.

Sometimes big things happen, and it means you have to make adjustments, or accept the way things turned out.

Sometimes big things are gonna happen, and it means you have to brace yourself for whenever they do.

Sometimes big things might happen, and it means you have to be prepared to make adjustments, or be prepared to keep going, even though things are the same.

Sometimes big things must happen, and it means you have to really spend some serious time thinking, and maybe even go a few nights without enough sleep to really plan out how to pull things off....

But other times 
big things happen, and it doesn't mean very much at all.  You don't have to change/accept the way things changed/get ready for changes/change how you thought things might be/change what you spend your time thinking about.

Sometimes big things are 
no big deal.

Today I did some very important things.  Some pretty much life-changing things.  Not just pretty much, these things will change my life.  

... So what?

I was walking to the HFAC, I pulled out my phone, I pushed some numbers, said some words, did the basic phone-call thing.  No big deal.  Sure, that phone-call was important enough to change the course of my life, but life goes on.  Sure, all the signs that were pointing me in the direction of be-a-successful-human-being were all plucked out of the ground, thrown into a mixing bowl, and then rearranged, altered, replaced, or just thrown out, but why should that be anything big?

I changed my major.  Over the phone.  I'm not an English major anymore, I'm a Theatre Arts Studies major, but the department calls me Pre-Theatre Ed.  This is something that's really important to me.  Shouldn't it feel big?  If things happen that change your future, it's big!

...Isn't it?

When the girl on the phone said, "Okay, just to confirm, the English major will be DELETED!!!!!!, right?" I did feel a small tug of something like nostalgia, kinda like English major heard the conversation I was having and said from the background, "oh dang, I thought we were gonna do stuff later," but then it went back to doing whatever it had been doing before, and didn't bring it up again.
That was all.  It was small.  And I replied to the girl, "yeah, sure, go ahead."

It was important! And it wasn't even the only important thing that happened today;  I could go into big detail about the important things that happened today, but I'm not gonna.  Partially because I want to be done talking so much, and partially because I want to go to sleep, but probably mostly because I don't really think it's that big of a deal.  

I don't want to talk about those things.  It doesn't interest me, I guess.  

Yeah, today some things happened.  
But they were just ... things.  
... Well I don't think so.
All done?


  1. well i have to say this post is incredibly ironic: a full-blown beauty of an essay, screaming "i'm so good at my english major," but used to inform the exact opposite message... and then yes, the fact that it's big and huge but not really? i think i'm still trying to chewandswallow that one...

    in any case, i'm happy for you! especially that you will live in the HFAC almost as much as i did. ;)

  2. I am dig this bit:

    "'oh dang, I thought we were gonna do stuff later,' but then it went back to doing whatever it had been doing before, and didn't bring it up again."