23 December 2009


Today I'm not seventeen anymore.
It feels so different...
And new...
And unique...

Nope. It feels just the same, but with bragging rights.... Hm...
Oh well, it works.

20 December 2009

Hey Sean. Guess What. You're 22.

Hey Sean. Guess What. You're 22
Today is the twentieth
Now you're twenty two.
It's not your real birthday.
If it was you'd be pretty small.
But we'll still have a party.
'Cause it was your birthday once
(It was on the twentieth
in 1987)
Anyway, congrats.
It's been really cool
to have you back around again.
And now you're twenty two.

Sean, I wrote you a poem. Happy Birthday.
Love you,

12 December 2009

Let it Snow. Please!?

I love snow. This makes my parents think I'm crazy. (One is from Guatemala, and one is from the Bay Area. I doesn't surprise me that snow isn't their favorite thing on Earth.)

There has been a lot of snow in Provo. It came in one huge charge. Then it's been hanging out. I've been in heaven. I even love driving in the snow. (Though I don't drive anymore. My car is dead now.) The snow has even stuck it out through the sun, thanks to the below freezing temperatures.

But now I'm sad.

Earlier today, massive, white, magical masses of the cold happiness were falling down on my yard as if they couldn't be happier to get out of the sky. I was happy.

Then it got warmer.

A few hours later I saw that it was raining. Seriously. Rain? It's winter. Rain is for when the grass is green and I can walk around barefoot outside. It should never be used to start to melt the snow. That's just season confusion.

I'm hoping for more snow. And more overcast days. I think, in general, I like it more when it's overcast. There is something ... cozy... about it.

Happy winter. :)