18 February 2010

words are magic

I've had a lot of poems recently. Which is good, because I was beginning to feel like the poems were beginning to fade into quotes, single words, and stories. But there is something about poems that let words actually become what they want to become.

I'm probably only making sense to myself, but that's okay. That's all I need for now.

Here's one of the said recent poems:

Why I Got to Sleep so Late
I am not a sleeper.
But I dearly love to dream.
But shutting down--
It wouldn't work.
And I wondered
How he'd been.

Then my brother came,
And for a while, we just spoke.
But he laid down.
(He does hard work)
And my pen--
it met my book.

That was last night. I hadn't seen Sean in a while, and he came to my room late last night as I was about to go to sleep. I didn't go to sleep for another hour, because of talking with Sean, and then waking Sean up. Then writing a poem.

I've been thinking a lot about words recently. Words are really important to me. In a way that I don't fully understand. The best part is, the words themselves can't help me to describe it. It's kind of magic.

Words, words, words.

14 February 2010

in the spirit of the season...

I've been out of touch with Provo Valentine's Day. Last year, I was in Guatemala at this time, and the year before that I spent Heart Day on a tour bus with the PHS orchestra and band. I'd kind of forgotten what "Single's Awareness Day" was like here.

First off, why did today become a hate-fest? :( I'm all for the shunning of commercialism, but that doesn't mean that people have to show their hate for a Day of Love. You can be single and love people. That's something that's kind of been floating around in my mind recently. Why do you need a significant-other to celebrate love?

My sister has brought out much of this thought. She's been celebrating acts of kindness over the last week, and sharing them via her beautiful blog. (Thanks, Olive.) I guess that I noticed the V-Day grimaces after reading her first post about "Valentnice".

For instance:

Sean gave me that this morning. Love.

Love is kindness. Love is being there for someone. Love is a smile. Love doesn't have to be giggles and a box of chocolate. Love can be music. Love can be words. Love can be pictures, or scribbles. Love can be cleaning up after yourself so your mom doesn't have to. Love can be taking your second favorite, so your sibling can have your first favorite. Love is... a lot. And today, I'm happy to celebrate that.
With love,

08 February 2010

word verification

Usually posting a comment in the blogosphere requires word verification. These make sure than all commenters are human. They entertain me. I started to collect some of them, because they were very close to actual words, and sometimes, they just had the right sound. Here's my short list:

Sometimes I wonder if I like words a little too much. Then I remember that's impossible.

Anyway, that's my not-so-word list. I could keep adding to it, but then I'd never actually say anything about it.
The end!