18 June 2009

So Now You're Back From Outter Space...

Good song. Doesn't quite reflect what I feel right now, but we'll let it slide.

I miss longboarding and older siblings. Especially older brothers since I'm without either right now.

I sort of forgot what being really sick was like. I have been blessed with a pretty good immune system. I don't get sick that often. But right now, I'm ill. I stayed in bed pretty much all day. Ashton was sick recently. For just under a week, he couldn't keep anything down, and his frail, tiny, teeny self lost a lot of weight. Luckily he's an energetic kid. And he's no longer frail. Point is, he was really sick. It was miserable for me to watch. The one kid whose batteries never die was pretty much catatonic. That was me today. Minus the throw-up. I didn't really do much today. I got home from Color Guard and did something quite similar to a train wreck on my bed. I just fell. I napped. I'm not a day-time sleeper. It usually makes me sick. Today, it just let me dream during some body ache instead of feel the soreness. I think I take my health for granted. Being sick is really not pleasant. And I'm really not all that sick with a better set of eyes. I'm just mildly afflicted. I'm getting pretty deep-thoughtsy. I just really hope for all those who are affected by sickness in the world (including the healthy ones that have to watch) that we can progress to better things.

There that is. Don't judge me. I'm sick and my mind isn't on it's usual level.