06 October 2009

Big Brother!

He spent two years speaking Spanish in Northern Washington.

He spent about four months planning his surprise early arrival.

He spent about an hour standing in our house with a sign, waiting for us to get home.

He spent about a minute watching us after we walked in before we saw him.

We all spent a few stunned seconds, trying to figure out what the heck he was doing here.

My oldest brother Sean is home from his mission! We were all expecting him today, the sixth, at eleven thirty in the morning. He and Olivia and Ben (and eventually Papá too) knew that he was getting home on Monday, the fifth, in the evening. Ben and Olive picked him up, brought him home, (after stopping for a frostie from Wendy's) and took him inside our house, and let him hide in the corner for us to get home. Unbelievable? Unbelievable. They got away with it well.

The point is, HE'S HOME!!!!! I'm so happy! It's great!!! I've missed you Seanboy!

Now he's here and not there!