21 August 2009

Well, Hey there!

It's been quite some time.

But not as long as some other times. I like to blog, but it's not really... a part of what I do. Usually. There have been times where I was gonna post. ... But I didn't.

Anyway, school is in full swing (even though we still haven't had a day with a normal schedule) and I wrote an essay/explication of a poem in my English class today. Maybe that just put me in a write-y mood.

Anyway, I've been lazing on my bed with my internet connection. (It is Friday.) My lights were off for forever, because my screen provided me with all the light I needed. I wasn't really paying much attention to the world outside my room, but I noticed a noise I haven't heard in a very long time. My younger brother put batteries into an old Lego laser beam something or other that I used to play with when Sean or Calvin weren't protecting it, or using it, or aware that I had it. He wordlessly came up to my room, stood in the doorway, and pointed the sound + light device at me. After a few seconds, I collapsed and played dead. I watched through my hair as he turned and walked away toward Carmen's room. After a few seconds, I heard the sound of the device again. Then I heard Ashton head downstairs.

I continued my unproductive activities for a while, but then Ashton returned.

Still silent, he pointed his laser at me again. I collapsed much faster, but I must have healed quickly, because I popped right back up. He pointed his laser again, and I collapsed again, and he continued to fire at me to make sure I wouldn't do any more fast-healing. Then he ventured off again to incapacitate another sister. After another while he showed back up at my door and we went through the same process. I couldn't help but giggle when he walked away.

Now he's humming as he sorts through Lego, using his stun-gun as a drum stick.

Is it cliché to say I live for these moments?

It's out there anyway...