11 March 2009

With Hours Left...

I get home tomorrow at eight thirty p.m. in Salt Lake City.
I'll be leaving my second home at six in the morning.
The times are the same right now due to daylight savings.
Can't wait to see you, but I never want to leave.
Be there soon.

04 March 2009

A List of Things to Do This Week

  • Buy tela and have some sort of clothing custom made
  • Have the coat I bought for Q1 taken in
  • Buy pepitoria
  • Take a picture with a fruit lady
  • Do lots of homework
  • Move to the capital
  • Visit Chichi and buy a tipico corte and huipil
  • Make more lemon bars
  • Wash my clothes in the pila again
  • Try to buy a bottle (not a can) of my favorite soda here: Tiki
  • Take pictures of the every day things that don't exist in the states

Any other suggestions?

Josefina Angelica Claire Juárez Ord