17 November 2010

exactly the opposite

When it's zero and one eighty;
When it's midnight and noon;
When it's black and white,
Then it's a pair of exact opposites.

When it's day or night,
Or hot or cold,
Or awake or asleep,
Then it's general exact opposites.

It doesn't make sense, but stay with me.

When it's going, not stopped;
When it's silent, not loud;
When it's hectic, not calm,
It's doing the exact opposite.

When I'm blogging, not working;
When I'm blogging, not sleeping;
When I'm blogging, not thinking,
I don't think it's quite the exact opposite of what I OUGHT to do,

But it certainly won't be found on the list of shoulds.

I'll do it anyway.  Because it makes me feel productive.
Which helps me actually be productive.

So now that I've done this, I'll go do
E x a c t l y  t h e  o p p o s i t e
of what I shouldn't currently do.

Have one of the best ones,

09 November 2010

has it really been so long?

I keep promising myself I'll post something here really soon.
I keep promising myself I'll get a post up about Maya's birthday, and all the rest of October.
I keep promising myself I'll complete the half-written-or-less posts that have begun to build up.
I keep promising myself I'll have time sometime.

I keep promising myself I'll finish homework in a decent time-frame, too.

I'll keep those promises, Self.  Just keep being patient.

(see? now i've just kept that first promise!)