27 June 2010

Poem of the day

Poem of the day:

And now the day is done:

A bright full moon has come.

Knudsens left. They're gone.

And Calvin's twenty-one.

25 June 2010

lacking wisdom

This is what I typed yesterday after my teeth came out:

Quick surgery. Maybe ten minutes. The stitching up finished at 9:17. I had a tooth with six roots! The oral surgeon said he'd never seen anything like it before. Crazy.

now it's 1:31, and I'm getting loopy. After a long while in pain, like, two and a half hours, I was given a different medicine. Lortab. It's lovely. I'm soooooooooooo sleepy, but I want to finish my lunch before I sleep. :)

This is how I looked:
There is a very, very big chance that I will regret putting this picture on here. But I look better in that photo than I do now.

So that picture will stay, and...

I will regret it less than if I would regret posting a current photo.

The swelling generally gets worse for the first 48 hours...

I'm on Lortab again. Maybe that's why I decided to finish this post...

Lortab is lovely. I've got some decent bruising going on. Artistically, it could even be a morbid masterpiece of colors. The Lortab is really helping me out.

My family is helpful too. Ashton has been willingly ensuring my comfort all day. Right now we're watching Iron Giant together. Earlier we played the Pokémon card game. He barely beat me. I was ahead for so long but then at the very last minute, he plowed through a ton of my Pokémon. We were both on our last one, and he beat me by one attack. But it's only 'cause he had two Richus in his deck, and one of my special cards....

I have a great family. Por ejemplo: My dad made me soup earlier, and last night my mom made me a bed on the couch downstairs. Maya has been super willing to get me ice and leave me alone, or get me water and talk and joke, depending on what I seem to need. Sean bought me a milkshake after picking me up last night, and then he stayed up late with me letting me eat some of his coveted ice cream and we watched a really cool documentary on helvetica (called HELVETICA) while I was having trouble going to sleep.

That's just to name a few of the favors from family. It's always a strange experience for me to re-realize that 'best friends' and 'family' are not universal synonyms.

They are synonyms for me. The members of my family are my truest, closest friends.

And thus concludes the wisdom teeth post rant on family.

la cuarta

16 June 2010

i heart art

Sometimes I'm intimidated by the pure, developed talent there is in the world. Usually that intimidation becomes inspiration for me to either get better at what I can't do well, or do more of what I love to do. (Usually write.) Most intimidated inspiration comes from the visual field. Often on blogs LOOK!

Ashley Thalman took pictures when my sister got married.
My cousin Lindsay recently got into photography, and she's quite good.
On the other side of the family, my cousin Jordan takes awesome pictures too.

Other Visuals:
Hannah Hillam is amazing. Also, she draws/paints/etc.s well.
Olivia's blog shows off her graphic design skills lots.

That's it for now I guess. There are plenty more, but I am not going list them yet...
This post has been a long time in coming... Like... since Sean's birthday or so.
Anyone else know of any?

15 June 2010

sleep cycles need a reset button

Ever tried to write a blog post when you're barely conscious and not very capable of awareness...?

I have.

So, I have an issue, where I frequently get tired of my blog. I just get bored or repulsed because of the way it looks. That leads to the following series of events:
  1. I never want to post.
  2. I change my blog's appearance.
I wonder how long it will take for me to become bored with a brand new template....
Hopefully a while... because then perhaps I'll post more often.
I have some friends who are really good at posting most everyday.
Others just have really priceless posts when the posts come.
I never want to post. Not that I'm posting for a big crowd or anything, I just think that I ought to actually post more often...

In pretty much unrelated news, due to spam comments, I'll be privatizing my blog and/or changing the url soon.... I don't want to do this. But I'm oh-so-sick of the spam.

But really, blogs are such a grand blessing. My sister and brother-in-law are moving away to the east coast, and just last night I was feeling so glad that Olivia is such a consistent, talented blogger. Really....
And the entire reason I entered the intimidating blogosphere was because I was running off to play in Guatemala while my family enjoyed Utah winter. With my blog, I felt like I was keeping someone updated....
It acted as my journal, too. I hadn't become a write-a-holic yet....